The Green Initiative

Support the most environmentally conscious Rural Health Summit to date

Why is Biosustainability Important to Rural Health?
More than 7 million deaths per annum are globally from air pollution Health Effects of Air Pollution Include IHD, Renal Disease, COPD, Respiratory Infections, Malignancy and Emotional/Cognitive Effects By 2020 there will be 60 Million Sub-Saharan Climate Refugees (150 Million by 2060) Nearly 30% of the world's total agricultural land is used to produce food that is never eaten

Australians produce the same amount per head on transport pollution per year as an average Mexican person does in their lifetime

  • Supplying information about travelling via public transport
  • Car-pool website
  • Venues within walking distance where possible
  • Using busses for group transport instead of individual
What are we doing about it? Vegetarian Catering
  • Deforestation: in Queensland alone, an area the size of the MCG is cleared every 3 minutes (World Preservation Foundation). 84% of deforestation globally is for food production
  • 98% of the land we use is for food, 73% of this is used for pasture and 25% for cultivated land (half of this is used as livestock feed)
  • By eating a plant-based diet, a reduction in deforestation and emissions can be seen
  • A ‘no meat diet’ will stop 60% of biodiversity loss (NEAA 2010)
Water Conservation
  • By 2030 the world will need 40% more water (UN WWAP, 2015)
  • It takes 20 x more water to grow calories from beef than from grain or potatoes (Erin et al., 2011)
Reducing Waste

We will be minimising the disposable plastic and paper produced at the conference by

  • Providing reusable keep cups
  • Using only reusable plates, cutlery and utensils
  • Encouraging sponsors to minimise paper handouts
Keep Cups

Every minute, over one million disposable cups go to landfill.

Over 1 year, compared to disposable cups, keepcup use reduces landfill and GHG emissions from the drinking coffee by 99%, as well as reducing water use by 90% (Lockrey, 2011).

Sept 28-30, 2018
Albury Entertainment Centre

Albury, NSW


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